About DudeFreeDVDs

DudeFreeDVDs offers the real deal when it comes to free sweepstake giveaways of the latest movies and TV shows. While other sweepstakes require specialized accounts, confusing forms, or sponsor offers to sign up for in order to enter and win. DudeFreeDVDs has none of these complicated requirements making it simple and fun to use.


What We Do

Put simply, we provide 100% free giveaways and prizes in the easiest way possible. We know how fun it is to win something you really want, but we also know how frustrating it can be just to put your name in the running. Thatís why we created a fun site without lengthy requirements making it easy for sweepstake seekers to quickly enter to win incredible prizes. All you have to do is pick a drawing, enter your information and repeat every 6 hours for a better chance to win, itís that simple!


Who Can Use DudeFreeDVDs?



If you want to win the latest movies & TV shows, then our sweepstakes are right for you. You never have to worry about tedious form filling, spam, or having specific skills to win our prizes. Our online entry is incredibly convenient and easy, no matter if youíre using a mobile phone or desktop. Enter today for a FREE chance to win the latest movies and other great prizes!


To find out more about our exciting sweepstakes site, please visit our FAQís section.